Moses lake home show


This Saturday and Sunday we will be in Moses Lake at the home show providing information about concrete lifting, crack repairing and leak sealing.

Do you have a settled patio? What about a slumping porch? Is your basement or garage floor settling? Do you have sidewalks that are a liability? Enter a drawing for a free (up to $500)  concrete raising job, fill out a request-a-bid form and take some literature all about the most advanced process used today to raise sunken concrete.

Are you living with sunken and settled concrete? Call the concrete, raising professionals today.


Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

Slabjack Geotechnical code of ethics


1-855-752-2522s commitment to conduct our concrete raising and leveling business with the highest ethical standards provides that;

1-855-752-2522 will –

Comply with all state laws, regulations and codes.

Be licensed, bonded and insured as a general contractor.

Use a mathematical method for estimating in order to provide duplicatable results, job to job. (We use state of the art software)

Use the finest products available in the process of concrete lifting and crack sealing.

Treat each client with respect at all times.

Deal fairly with everyone involved in our projects whether they be clients, employees or vendors.

Work in good faith to resolve any complaint or concern the client may have.


1-855-752-2522 will not –

Work under the table or off book.

Ask for any payment prior to a residential job.

Charge a fee in the event we can’t raise your settled concrete.

Sell you a product or service you do not need, this includes Slabjacking services if in our opinion your concrete is not a good candidate for raising.

Use language or act in a way that is unbecoming standards of decency.


Superior technology, Superior Polymers, Superior results.


Property Management Firms hire Slabjack Geotechnical


Property Managers deal with a multitude of challenges, from rent collection, to employment issues,  to facility maintenance and ultimately satisfying the property owner(s) through managing a property which offers a good return on investment.

Each property owner has a different philosophy on how a property should be operated and maintained.

Some want to improve and then continually maintain their properties to the highest standard in order to maximize the rents that can be charged. Another owners philosophy may be to target the low-income renter and are therefore not as concerned about providing the latest amenities, a pool for example, or as high of standard of maintenance.   Others target federally subsidized renters which demands an additional layer of administrative oversight.  All understand that a simple 1/2″ sidewalk trip hazard could cost them tens of thousands of dollars in potential liability.

Because of this, each owner or ownership, has different requirements of the property management firm they employ.

One of the things 1-855-752-2522 provides property management firms is an understanding of this reality along with the equipment and materials to address the reality of different budgets for effective solutions to all types of concrete maintenance needs.

As a business owner myself for over twenty-five years I know that what works for one owner and facility may not work for another owner and facility just down the street.

Whether you are managing a single four-plex, a three hundred unit townhouse complex or a condominium association, we are capable of handling all your concrete raising and leveling needs.

A.D.A. Compliance for federally subsidized properties, trip remediation for the reduction of liability, concrete grinding, pool deck leveling, structural concrete crack repair and more.

We have worked for property management firms from Spokane to Walla Walla, from Wenatchee to Sunnyside, from Ellensburg to Yakima to the Tri-Cities and Northern Idaho and more.

Contact us today for a no cost, no pressure evaluation of your facility to see if we may be of assistance in the elimination of liability, A.D.A. Compliance, and improvements to the aesthetics and integrity of your facility.

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

Traditional Mudjacking -vs- Slabjack Geotechnicals Polymer injection


Geo-Polymer injection concrete leveling is the Great Leap Forward in the Slabjackers arsenal. For years those with settled concrete had few options; live with it, replace it or deal with the drawbacks of mudjacking; the huge holes, the mess, the shoddy appearance after the job was done and more.

Today, 1-855-752-2522 uses state of the art Polymer injection to raise your settled concrete.

While producing virtually the same end result, raised concrete, Polymer injection overcomes the drawbacks of mudjacking:

– Hole size; 1″ to 2″ verses 5/8″. Much easier to conceal, doesn’t weaken the slab.
– Mess; mudjacking uses…well…mud. Requiring the hosing off of the work site after the job. People complain about the mess left after Mudjacking is done as the equipment is often hosed off at the job site.
– Appearance; concealing large holes is just more difficult. Most Mudjackers use a 1.5″ hole compared to the 5/8″ hole we drill. Mudjackings hole is FIVE times as large! On top of the smaller hole we have two different mortars, light and dark, and five different colors to match your unique concrete, whether it be a plain broom finish, exposed aggregate or stamped and stained.

Give us a call, we provide no cost, no pressure estimates.

Superior Technology, Superior Polymers, Superior results.