Slabjack Geotechnical minimum job charge



How much does Slabjacking, mudjacking, Polylevel concrete leveling cost?

Occasionally we are asked about doing a very small job, for example off a garage man door, often these are very small 3×3 slabs. Or we asked about our “minimum” job charge.

We have a $500 minimum job charge. $500 will raise one hundred fifty square feet, a 15×10 slab, settled one inch.

Why do we have a minimum? Unlike some professions such as lawn maintenance companies where labor is their primary expense ours is the equipment, mobilization related costs and material. Our new truck in Spokane for example represents close to a hundred thousand dollar investment. Anything much below $500 is simply not profitable.

If you have one of these small jobs we ask, “is it worth $500 to you to have this repaired”? If so we are happy to do it for you. If not, some slabs can be raised by the homeowner if the slab is accessible and if certain tools are available. Look for my blog “do it yourself concrete raising” But remember even a very small slab like the one mentioned above, just 3x3x4″ will weigh 360lbs, you must be very careful if attempting DIY concrete leveling.

For concrete leveling done right call the professionals today,


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