Slabjack Geotechnical Concrete raising – can I afford Slabjacking?


Concrete Slabjacking is very affordable in comparison to replacement. Let’s touch on the alternate first;

Choosing not to repair settled concrete carries potential costs too, especially if it is a commercial property. Why? Liability. The average trip fall cost just for medical expenses is over $22,000, the cost to defend against a legal claim is over $50,000 and the average jury award now over $100,000! It makes doing the repair very inexpensive indeed.

On a personal note, my mother in her eighties tripped on a raised section of concrete in her neighborhood and took a fall that bruised her face up pretty badly. As we age we get more fragile, we are unable to catch ourselves as we once could, our reactions are slower and we heal much slower. We have a responsibility to our neighbors and our community to maintain common areas, the Americans with disabilities act classifies a trip hazard an offset of just 1/4″ As frustrating as it is to many homeowners we are generally responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalks along the street, not the cities in which we live.

So how much does concrete raising cost? A good rule of thumb is 25-50% less than replacement. Often $3 a square foot is a good number though it can be more or less depending on several factors. If your sidewalk measures 4×25 the cost to raise that would be roughly $300. Larger, thicker structures such as porches will be more costly per square foot than simple slabs.

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