Slabjack Geotechnical case study – settled concrete sidewalk


One of the more common problems we come across are entry walks that have settled below steps.

Conscientious builders find ways to ensure porches are stable either by using a foundation, Sonotubes or simply pinning the porch to the foundation wall. Walks however are often just poured on unprepared soil which results in settling.

One walk this summer is instructive of what we do and the effort made to insure it will not resettle.

The porch had Sonotube support, however the walk had settled three inches which made the final step a ten inch drop. The porch had two steps plus the landing so the drop was  7″ – 7″ – 10″ this can be a real stumbling hazard especially for senior citizens.

We made an inspection of the walk AND the porch to pinpoint voids, water runoff and shrub/root issues. We determined that in addition to an injection for leveling the slab, additional injections would be made for support and void filling. These additional points of support being necessary to insure the long-term stability of the walk as a large void was found under the porch. (It was high and dry above the soil perched on two Sonotubes)

After leveling the walk the other support injections were made stabilizing the walk for years to come.

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