Slabjack Geotechnical case study – Settled concrete porch



Wide but not deep porch "pinned" to foundation.
Wide but not deep porch “pinned” to foundation. File photo.

We recently raised a large decorative concrete porch, this porch is fairly typical of what we find as we provide estimates.

The porch measured roughly one hundred square feet and was wider than it was deep.  There were two columns with decorative stone work attached. The porch had been “pinned” to the foundation so all the visual settling was on the outward edge of the porch, however as expected there was a large void against the foundation wall In the neighborhood of six inches.

Replacement would have been very costly. In addition to the porch itself the issue of the stone columns which also acted as a support for the roof line would have been problematic.

A series of six 5/8″ holes were drilled through the porch and injection valves were tightened into place at which point geo-polymer foam was injected under the porch. A total of five hundred pounds were used, in excess of four cubic yards of material to first fill voids, then compress loose soils then to gently raise the porch back to proper grade. All in about four hours.

Drill, Inject, Patch.

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

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