Slabjack Geotechnical case study – settled concrete driveway


We recently leveled a driveway that is a good example of what can be accomplished with geo-polymer Slabjacking.

The three car driveway covering six separate panels had settled under the control joint going left to right due to a drainage issue. The settling caused the drive to “cave” in.  As a result we had to bring all six slabs up along the control joint.

Holes were drilled on either side of the control joint four feet apart and two feet from the joint. Because the material flows roughly four feet in diameter we were assured excellent coverage.

A string line was pulled across the settled section and material was injected to bring the slabs into alignment, assuring a smooth transition across the drive.

This drive also had a crack so stabilization of the crack was important to increase the longevity of the repair. Holes were drilled on either side of the crack at one foot intervals and small injections were made to “stitch” the crack back together, injections were made with the intent of bringing material all the way into the crack, thus completely immobilizing the fracture.

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