Slabjack Geotechnical case study – Raising a settling basement floor


Settled interior concrete can be especially challenging. The incredible cost of demolition and removal, the unbelievable mess and the time to do the work all conspire to ruin you week.

We recently had a job that demonstrates the advantages of concrete raising over replacement.

The home, a vacation property was unoccupied when the water line broke, how long it ran is anyone’s guess but the result was roughly four inches of setting across over four hundred square feet,nearly half the total footprint of the building.

Replacement costs were estimated to be fifteen thousand dollars due to the distance to the site, difficult interior work which would not enable large machinery to be used necessitating hand removing several tons of concrete and the challenges of re-pouring concrete in an existing structure.

1-855-752-2522 was called and an estimate provided of $3016. We arrived on site, drilled roughly thirty 5/8″ holes, installed the injection ports and pumped roughly three cubic yards of RR401g fully hydrophobic geo-polymer foam under the slab raising it back to proper grade, all in two hours!

If you are dealing with settled concrete, call the professionals today,


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