Settled interior concrete, Slabjack Geotechnical fixes that!

House floor slab with radiant heat


Whether it be a settled concrete warehouse floor, an office building or a home like the picture above Slabjack Geotechnical can help.

Pictured above is a floor that settled before the walls were even up. In this case construction was delayed and snow and rain saturated the soil resulting in settling.

The solution was Slab jack Geotechnical polyurethane concrete raising and slab undersealing. Only Slabjack Geotechnical carries multiple polymer reactivities on our rigs. Why is this better? A lifting foam coupled with a void fill foam results in superior coverage under the slab, less possibility of slab fracturing and far less resettlement.

The competition can’t compare. Whether it be Mudjacking or another Poly Slabjacker no one does what we do coupled with the experience we have, no one.

When the time comes for slab repair call the experts,


Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

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