Raise settled concrete before it’s beyond repair.


Concrete like anything home related has a lifespan. Concrete can last many decades if it was properly poured, finished and then maintained.

At the first sign of trouble take action. If your concrete is spalling, flaking off the top, apply a sealer/hardener.  If it is cracking there are commercially available crack and joint sealing products or hire a pro like us to do it for you.

A call to our office will result in an estimator showing up at your home or business to give a detailed proposal on how to best handle your situation. This may involve raising or stabilizing concrete, sealing up cracks and joints, applying a penetrating sealer and giving recommendations on how to prevent future settlement.

If you are experiencing concrete settlement call the recognized leader SlabJack Geotechnical. We are one of the most respected and sought out slab raising contractors in the nation. We have trained contractors across North America, worked in many states and Canada and have the knowledge to handle the most challenging projects. Whether that be a simple residential job, a commercial building or a large municipal project sealing culverts and manholes.

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Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

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