Potential concrete raising problems


What are some of the potential problems that occur when having your concrete raised?

The primary problem is the possibility of generating cracks in the slab that were not their before. Concrete is incredibly durable it can support thousands of pounds of weight however concrete is not torsionally strong, in other words it can’t handle twisting or bending, both of which happen when concrete is raised.

Here are some of the precautions we take and some of the methods we use to avoid fracturing your concrete slab; we make the primary lifting injections along the sides or at control joints. We use extremely accurate gauges that help us see when binding or lifting is happening. In some cases we will pre-position the concrete with a jack to avoid the torsional loads being placed on concrete by a single lift point. The most critical factor of course is experience.

While we don’t guarantee against causing a crack in your concrete neither does a concrete contractor guarantee against cracks forming in a brand-new slab but we make every effort and have years of experience in limiting generating cracks in your concrete.



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