Mudjacking, but better – that’s SlabJack Geotechnical


SlabJack Geotechnical is not some “Jonny come lately” Slab lifting company. We are the most experienced slab raising company in the Pacific Northwest using the geopolymer injection method. Our crews have over thirty years of experience raising slabs from small sidewalks to multi million dollars municipal freeways and more.

Polyurethane slab lifting is what we do. We don’t offer “mudjacking” it is an inferior method. Did you know virtually every state in the union specifies polyurethane injection slab lifting for their municipal projects? Faster, longer lasting, less disruption, aesthetically more pleasing, just plain better.

But that’s not all. SlabJack Geotechnical sources our material locally, in state and we are students of the craft. We have employees who were doing this a decade before any of our competitors were. We train relentlessly to be the best in the business. We have the experience necessary to handle any project, any size, any location. Call today,


Superior Technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

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