Leaning or tilted grain silos and bins


A leaning grain silo or bin is a scary thing –  the potential loss of a building that can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

1-855-752-2522 can level your un-level slab on grade silo for a fraction of the cost of other methods such as foundation replacement or Piering.

Using our patented structural grade polymer we make careful injections under the settled side of the silo resulting in gentle lifting of the settled concrete. Using gauges accurate to 5/1000’s” we can place your silo back on a secure foundation in hours not days.

Based on the size of the Silo we either use one or if needed two rigs. This enables us, if needed to make simultaneous injections from two different areas which puts less stress on the concrete slab thus reducing the possibility of slab fracturing.

In some cases more drastic repairs are needed including soil stabilization up to twenty feet below the surface. Injecting soil stabilizing material to solidify weak layers followed by polymer injection Slabjacking to re-level concrete is a proven way to repair leaning or tilting grain silos and bins.

Call today for a no obligation consultation and estimate to repair your silo/bin today.



Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

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