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Culvert and Large Diameter Pipe Sealing
Culvert and Large Diameter Pipe Sealing


Large Diameter Pipe Repair Methods,
We use two primary placement methods to repair large diameter pipes and culverts: spraying and injecting.

We spray polyurethanes to rebuild joints that are poorly-seated, have dislodged, deflected or deteriorated. The materials we spray have excellent adhesion to all of the common large diameter pipe materials, such as concrete, HDPE, PVC, galvanized metal & aluminized metal. Sprayed systems are excellent for sealing joints before back grouting (see below) to contain the void filling material outside of the pipe to reduce waste.

We inject plural component polyurethanes and single component polyurethanes outside of large diameter pipes to fill voids, fix sinkholes and provide stability. Injection is commonly used for leak-stopping as well.

Give is a call today for an onsite inspection and estimate for your large diameter pipe or culvert repair.


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