Concrete Trips- Slabjack Geotechnical


According to the National Floor Safety Institute the average medical cost from a slip/trip fall is $22,800! The potential legal costs and jury awards are several times that amount. Rather than ignore the “little trip” have it fixed by Slabjack Geotechnical.

Whether it be a walk from your driveway, a trip on your driveway or a sidewalk by the street, you, the homeowner, not the city, are responsible for maintaining the walk and keeping it free from snow, debris and known hazards such as trips due to settled concrete.

A quick and unobtrusive process, Slabjacking raises settled concrete through the use of an expanding polymer grout. Most jobs are done in a couple of hours and the walk is available for immediate use. No waiting for forms, concrete and curing. No destruction of lawns or plant, just a quick drill, inject and patch.

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