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Slabjack Geotechnical has been an industry leader in chemical grouting since 2011.

The injection of high density, structural polyurethane is a fairly recent phenomenon that has many applications. Some of the most common are;

Slabjacking – where high density foam is injected underneath the slab to “float” the slab back to the proper grade. Chemical injection has several advantages over the older method of mud jacking. The ability to consolidate loose and organic materials is one of them. Because it is injected as a liquid it has a tendency to follow voids and fissures in the soil, once the reaction occurs this loose material is consolidated in the polyurethane foam.

Foundation waterproofing – injectable hydrophobic or hydrophilic polyurethane foam is injected through the foundation which creates a curtain wall on the soil side of the slab sealing out moisture. If cracks in the foundation are present holes are drilled at a 45° angle through these cracks. When the chemical is injected it completely seals the crack in addition to forming a curtain wall on the soil side of the foundation.

Void filling – Due to its relative light weight, injectable polyurethane is an ideal material for void filling and vessel decommissioning. Many formulations are available from very light polymers to polymers that are fairly heavy, as much is 40 pounds a cubic foot. For typical void filling under a concrete basement floor or a warehouse floor a good choice would be a structural polyurethane in the range of 3 to 4 pounds per square foot. These typically have compressive strength in the 60 to 100 psi range. Enough to support loads up to 5 tons per square foot.

Trench breaks – typical trench breaks are made of sand bags. While effective there are several drawbacks in the use of sandbags such as; someone needs to be in the trench, which is a dangerous place to be. It can take a significant amount of time to stack up sandbags in the trench and it can be fairly costly. Today there is a better method. Polyurethane trench break foam can be applied quickly and economically without getting in the trench. In addition the same trench break foam can be sprayed over the pipe in the trench as a “rock guard” to protect the pipe.

Through the miracle of modern chemistry, better methods and materials provide more economical and longer lasting repairs to our infrastructure. Let Slabjack Geotechnical be part of your project today.


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