Case study- settled concrete patio

Settled patio with trip hazards.
Settled patio with trip hazards.

Settled patios are a common occurrence, especially homes where gutters were not installed like this one.

On the example above we have two issues to resolve, first the two slabs abutting the home have settled, you can see how the steps have settled below the door frame. Second the other slabs are not in alignment causing uneven trip hazards. Both need to be corrected to have a level useable patio.

The above is very correctable and the roughly 225′ of concrete would cost less than eight hundred dollars to level. Replacement would run in the neighborhood of two thousand dollars, so for less than half of replacement this could be repaired in about two hours.

If you need your concrete patio, porch, driveway, walk or any concrete slab leveled call the concrete raising and leveling professionals today,


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