Case study – Raising a sunken concrete driveway


So, you have a settled driveway? We’ve raised a lot of them, here’s a video of one below.

The typical driveway settles against the foundation not the way this one did but either way the process is  the same.

Determine injection port placement for maximum material coverage and drill holes, cut slabs apart if binding is anticipated and inject material to gently raise the drive slab(s) back to proper grade.

On exposed aggregate with the small holes we drill, 5/8″ it will be very difficult to even see where they were patched as we blend color, tint and texture.

Because settling was severe on this driveway we shot additional material in from the side when the slab had been fully lifted, this ensured full coverage of the polymer and less possibility of re-settling.

Let us raise your driveway back to proper grade, eliminate trips hazards on walks and seal control joints and cracks. Call today,


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