Culvert Repair and Leak Sealing- Slabjack Geotechnical


One of the things we do to save water districts and irrigation districts as well as municipalities a ton of money and down time is leak sealing. It is a fast and lasting solution to the problem of cracked and leaking culverts, canals and pipe.

The solution is our expanding hydrophobic polymer. It pushes out water and seals cracks, joints and holes up to several inches in diameter. In many cases we can even work with water in the culvert or canal.

Culverts are prone to undermining especially during high water flows such as winter runoff. In addition, joints can and do fail and cracks can develop. These problems, if not sealed result in loss of water, washouts, settling bridge approaches and worse.

Using our patented hydrophobic polyurethane grout Slabjack Geotechnical seals leaks into and out of pools, culverts, canals, pipes, manholes and just about anything else you can Imagine. Call today.


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