Settling foundation? SlabJack Geotechnical May be able to help.

If you are seeing the telltale signs os foundation settlement like cracks in sheetrock, sticking doors and windows and foundation cracks SlabJack Geotechnical has an economical way to stop settling in its tracks. Polymer piers!

By injecting polymers deep under the footings of your home SlabJack Geotechnical densifies and greatly increases the load bearing capacity of your soil. Often times we can generate lift and recover some or all of the settling for much less than the cost of traditional repair methods like piering which require costly engineering and permitting.

Give us a call for a no cost, no obligation quote to get your home back on solid ground.


Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

Bulkhead and Seawall repair in Puget Sound

SlabJack Geotechnical, your Bulkhead and Seawall repair experts.

With the massive increase of regulations in relation to waterfront property it pays to maintain your bulkhead.

Common problems are; voids under the footer, cracks, leaking cold joints, deterioration and failed drains.

Symptoms often show up as settling soil or concrete behind the wall, gaps under the footer at low tide, mud in drains, and plant growth in cracks and joints. Left untreated these issues can lead to settlement or bowing of the wall, damage to structures behind the wall and further erosion.

SlabJack Geotechnical has proven solutions for each of these problems and more.

Working behind the Bulkhead or Seawall and at low tide to prevent any discharge into the marine environment, permits are often not needed. Leaks are sealed, voids filled, drains reestablished and cracks repaired returning your wall to serviceable condition for many years to come.

If you suspect problems with your seawall or bulkhead call the experts today, SlabJack geotechnical.


Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

Culvert, Ditch and large diameter pipe sealing and repair


If you are responsible for maintenance for an irrigation district or a municipality we need to talk.

Pictured above is the outflow tunnel for the Concunully dam. Constructed in 1908 the tunnel was starting to show its age. Holes and fissures in one section had begun to erode the supporting soil. A void of roughly two cubic yards had opened up threatening the structure.

Working on short notice due to the season SlabJack Geotechnical arrived onsite and after consulting with the engineer, injected a very slow rise but high density polyurethane that completely filled the void but put very little lateral stress on the concrete that in places was only two inches thick.

SlabJack Geotechnical is one of very few companies utilizing multiple polymers to best fit your needs. Fast, medium and slow rise polymers. Three to six pound densities in both non and fully hydrophobic polyurethane.

If you have a unique challenge in your irrigation district or port or municipality give us a call today,


Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.