Mudjacking verses Slabjack Geotechnical polymer injection

Mudjacking Verses Polymer Injection
Mudjacking Verses Polymer Injection


In some of the communities we serve we have other companies offering the same service, concrete raising. This post explains the differences in both methods, mudjacking and polymer injection.

Both methods will raise concrete. Mudjacking is, or should be less costly. Polymer injection is a better choice in appearance. Beyond these two differences becomes who the company is doing the work. Slabjack Geotechnical does hundreds of jobs annually, most of our competitors are single operators, will the company even be in business to honor their warranty?

Speaking about warranty, we offer a limited five-year warranty. Far superior to the one or two-year offerings of our competitors. And we warranty our material for 25 years from degradation.

Back to the differences;

Hole size drilled in slab?  Mudjacking 1-2″ holes.   Polyurethane injection 5/8″

Material? Mudjacking- Native soil mixed with Portland cement, fly ash or lime.  Polyurethane- Various formulations for lifting, void filling, undersealing and water proofing.

Equipment – Mudjacking- grout mixer, water source, grout pump, hoses.  Polyurethane injection- Reactor, heated hoses, injection gun.

While both methods will raise concrete Polymer injection is less invasive, using much smaller and fewer holes, provides more uniform support under the slab, is a quicker process and allows for immediate use after raising.

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