Slabjack Geotechnical foundation repair and stabilization


A settled foundation is a serious problem, one that needs to be dealt with to preserve your valuable asset.

Helical and push piers are a method for stabilizing and raising settled foundations and have been used in thousands of installations across the United States.

After consulting with a building engineer, a plan is made for the placement and number of piers. Holes are dug at the appropriate locations along the foundation and piers are screwed or pushed deep into the ground as depth and pressures are measured and recorded. Once the target pressures are achieved the pier is cut off and a bracket is secured to the pier, under the foundation wall. Once all the piers are in position with their brackets they are snugged up and the settled foundation is hydraulically lifted into position. Once levels are verified the pier assemblies are buried and landscaping can be restored.

Costs for foundation leveling can vary widely. From a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands depending primarily on the number of piers required. Other factors that can influence the project cost are the length of the piers needed to attain load carrying capacity and unexpected objects such as boulders and rip rap.

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As a general contractor dealing exclusively with settled concrete we are occasionally asked about settled foundation repair. In addition, there are times in the estimating process we determine the problem of settled concrete is actually the more serious problem of a settled foundation. As we have made these determinations we have been frustrated to find no qualified foundation leveling contractors in our service area to refer. If a repair Is needed a contractor from the west side of the state, if one is willing to make the trip, is required to make the repair.

With this reality, 1-855-752-2522 has recently trained with Pier-Tec and become a certified helical pier installer. This process allows your settled foundations support to be placed on solid piers twisted many feet into the ground until sufficient load bearing pressures are achieved. Used in thousands of installations helical piers are the preferred method to stabilize and level concrete foundations.

A settled foundation makes your home virtually unsellable, Pier-Tec helical piers permanently corrects settled foundations.

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What can be done about a settling foundation?


Slabjack Geotechnical is now a certified installer of Pier Tech helical piers and we are excited to offer this service rather than refer it to a company hundreds of miles away.

What can be done about a settling  foundation? 

If you are dealing with the nightmare of a settling foundation here is what you need to know;

-In most cases it is repairable. While not an inexpensive repair, doing nothing is usually not an option unless you plan on walking away from the home. Here’s how to proceed;

First determine that foundation settling is the issue and not simply an interior slab settling. Slabjack Geotechnical is equipped to handle either problem but one requires a building and a geological engineering report the other doesn’t.

Once the determination is made that the foundation is settling the property owner hires the engineers, they will determine the position and the number of piers to be used. The soils engineer will be on site during the repair process in case obstructions such as large boulders are met to makes recommendations and/or approve changes in the placement of piers.

Most piering jobs are completed in a few days.

The cost for the pre-work reports runs about $4-7,000 with an additional $1850-$2150 per pier depending on depth and obstructions encountered. An average foundation repair job runs in the neighborhood of $15,000, not an insignificant amount.

If you have seen the tell-tale signs of settling; cracks in brick and stucco or sheet rock separation call us today, we can help.


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Living the good life



Now that I have entered middle age (good heavens where have the years gone!) I have been doing a lot more self-reflection. Am I happy? Am I satisfied with who I’ve become? And, where do I go from here?

My peers will know where am coming from. Life is short, as a great book put it “our lives passed as it were in a dream” if we are not careful life passes us by all too quickly and we find life has become hollow and meaningless. We might even become that old codger down the street, keeping balls thrown in our yard by neighborhood kids as a form of punishment for their happiness. Here are some conclusions I’ve arrived at after fifty-three years;

Relationships, not things are what matters. While things bring with them a level of comfort they of themselves do not bring peace. Nothing causes more misery than those whom we love doing things we know will bring them regret. Whether it be a wayward Spouse, Parent or Child more sleepless nights have been had over relationships and behaviors than I thought possible. I’ve been married, twice. You can’t know the sweet without tasting bitter. I’m not suggesting a divorce to appreciate your spouse.  I AM saying we can change, let our most loved ones have the freedom to do the same without suspicion, skepticism and sarcasm. We all need grace, me most of all.

Employment can be joyful or drudgery. It really doesn’t matter the field of work you are in or the salary you earn, if you hate the work you are doing, do you and your employer a favor and find other work. I worked in the restaurant business for over thirty years. Dishwasher, Cook, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, District Manager and Owner for twenty-five years. Most of the time it was drudgery. At forty-eight years of age I started a Concrete Raising business and have never been happier. I don’t know if YOU can earn a living doing what you love but you do need to find something fulfilling and meaningful in what you do for a living to live the good life.

As much as I now enjoy my career, as much as I love my beautiful bride Ann-Marie and my children, my life would be hollow without faith and belief in almighty God, it animates who I am. As a child and a young adult my Heavenly Father was a being who demanded perfection, something I was, and still am, woefully unprepared to give. Only as I came to understand my many weakness and shortcomings did I begin to grasp His unconditional love for me. Having children further clarified the understanding of unconditional love and that what God demands is not yet perfection but our hearts and a willing mind. Have I seen Him, have I conversed with Angels? No, but through His grace I have overcome addictions, questions have been answered though prayer and through reading sacred scripture, I have been moved to act because of His inspiration and my weakness have been made strong through His great enabling power and I have found that as I more perfectly follow the path He trod, life is more meaningful and dear to me.

In Many ways I’m becoming as a child; I dream of things I want to do and have the confidence to work to achieve it. I appreciate the beauty of a cloud or smooth water or a newborn baby, I’m not as afraid to show my feelings as I once was, I tell others how I feel, I express love, appreciation and admiration because I understand it isn’t weakness to do so and I’m not as judgmental as I once was. (I’m still as opinionated as ever)

The good life is all of this and so much more. Service, helping the guy on the side of the road, giving an old lady a discount on her concrete raising  job, reading to my daughter, helping my son start a business, telling my wife she is the world to me, freely giving the gifts I’ve been given.

I’m still learning how to live the good life, I’m certainly not a perfect father or husband or business owner and I think admitting and acknowledging that are a key to the good life. Trying to live behind the facade of perfection is exhausting.

One of my heroes was known for not only doing things others thought inappropriate for who he was but also freely admitting his faults. So get out and really live life, dream, hope, work, see the beauty in the world around you, yes you will make mistakes so admit it and move forward. In one of the Rocky movies, Rocky famously said “it’s not about how hard you can hit it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” we all get hit in life the key is to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward.

Ultimately, happiness is a byproduct of doing ones duty well, it isn’t something that can be purchased, though things, places and people can add to a sense of satisfaction or pleasure or ease of themselves only bring fleeting happiness.

As this Christmas season comes and goes let’s work harder to see the beauty in each of our lives and emulate The one we recognize during the Christmas season by giving of ourselves.


Merry Christmas,


Jerald Sargent

Owner, 1-855-752-2522





Foundation piering for new construction


Foundation piering, long considered the solution for settling foundations is now being used more frequently in new construction. Why?

Foundation piering  for new construction makes sense! 

-Piers used in new construction enable homes to be built on steep slopes, slopes are prone to slides which undermine foundation support resulting in settling.

-Piers allow the stable construction of homes with weaker load bearing soils such as areas with a high water table, areas prone to flooding or bogs.

-Piers enable construction in areas with high concentrations of organic materials in the soil. Organic soils deteriorate over time causing settling.

-Piers greatly reduce the amount of concrete needed in a foundation as the load is carried by the piers not the concrete. The concrete acts primarily as a place for the wall plate to be attached.

If you are planning to build on less than optimal soil conditions consider helical or push piers as a way to insure a stable foundation.


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