Why Slabjack Geotechnical concrete raising?


You have many options when dealing with settled concrete. Ignore it, replace it, grind it, top coat it, or raise it.

As a general contractor specializing in raising settled concrete, Slabjacking as it is known, we wholeheartedly proclaim the benefits of concrete raising over the other methods mentioned.

While there are occasions where replacement is the better choice, for the vast majority of clients, raising will cost much less, retain the look of your existing concrete, will eliminate trip hazards, solve drainage issues and improve the aesthetics of your property.

Slabjacking has been in existence since the 1930’s with the newer geo-polymer injection method available since the 1980’s

1-855-752-2522 has invested in the latest technology and utilizes the finest Polymers in the industry today. Together, Slabjack Geotechnical is able to raise and stabilize anything from a small sidewalk to extremely heavy porches, floors, patios, driveways and more.

We invite you to call us for a no cost, no pressure estimate to see how much we can save you today.
Superior Technology, Superior Polymers, Superior results.

What to do with cracked concrete?



Concrete cracks. How many times have you heard that? It’s still frustrating!

Well now that it has cracked what can be done? Several over the counter products are available from the home improvement stores and most are good quality products that will last a year or three if applied right.

1-855-752-2522 has recently been introduced to a line of products we are very excited about. The first is a polyurethane crack repair product and the second is a polyurea caulk for filling cracks that retains a bit of flexibility to allow some movement with the change of seasons. This second product is what is typically found between the slabs of Costco, Lowes and other big box retailers. While not as inexpensive as the over the counter flexible crack fillers it is much more durable.

Last week we sealed about sixty feet for a residential client and the result was stunning. The material was applied over silica sand with the first coat saturating the sand. This product cures very quickly, about five minutes to tack free and drive-able in one hour. The second coat was applied to bring the level up to the surface of the two slabs. This product, available in grey or black, is what is sprayed on truck beds and is extremely durable. It can also be covered in sand to closely match surrounding concrete.

Ok how much does it cost? Less than you would think for a superior product. We can apply this product for roughly $6 a linear foot depending on width. While more expensive than traditional methods, this product should last several years beyond the big box stores products.

If you are dealing with sunken settled and cracked concrete give us a call today, 1855-752-2522

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.