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Concrete Slabjacking is very affordable in comparison to replacement. Let’s touch on the alternate first; Choosing not to repair settled concrete carries potential costs too, especially if it is a commercial property. Why? Liability. The average trip fall cost just for medical expenses is over $22,000, the cost to defend against a legal claim is...

Slabjack Geotechnical is listed in the Washington state MRSC roster. Many municipalities use pre-authorized contractors, these are listed on the MRSC online roster. If you are a maintenance manager, local housing authority or anyone who uses the MRSC roster look us up, we raise settled concrete all across Washington and Idaho. Call today, 1-855-752-2522 www.SlabjackGeotechnical.com...

We now offer a few additional services that we are very excited about. First we have had numerous requests to seal joints and cracks in driveways and other concrete slabs, as a result we have invested in some specialized tools and materials that make the job quicker for us but more importantly provide a superior...

Property Managers often have to balance cost with potential liability. As a trip remediation company we are well versed in ADA compliance particularly as it relates to apartment buildings, home owners associations and commercial/municipal entities. Whether you need Slabjacking services, concrete grinding or a few slabs replaced due to heaving Slabjack Geotechnical is your one...

Over the past five years 1-855-752-2522 has lifted thousands of concrete slabs and some of those are for repeat customers who have decided to have us take care of other problems after the initial job. As we have considered these jobs we have decided to add a service that we feel will be a great...

When we built our home back in 2005-6  our builder, perhaps like yours, really didn’t do any kind of compaction. As a result we have had several issues to address, first the porch, then the sidewalk then the driveway and the latest is our garage floor. (And you thought you had it rough!) The settling thus...

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