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Concrete cracks, every concrete contractor will tell you the same thing, live with it. It is frustrating, can anything be done? Concealing cracks is not always something that can be done completely. There are several materials to fill cracks both cheap and expensive. Can anything be done to better conceal cracks? We have found staining...

Some of the communities we serve have an abundance of concrete that is heaved, primarily by roots. What can be done? There are really just two approaches to this problem other than ignoring and accepting liability. -We can raise adjacent slabs to create a transition up and over the root, in effect a ramp. This...

Occasionally we’re asked how heavy of a structure we can lift. Geo-polymers Slabjacking has raised structures well over a quarter million pounds. It is actually quite surprising how much a concrete structure will weigh. Entry porches are a good example of this and can be instructive of why they settle. A six-foot deep porch that...

As businesses get more competent they naturally get better, faster, more dominant in their industry. Experts when compared to the novices around them. Professionals compared to weekend warriors. Slabjack Geotechnical is the leader in our industry. Better, faster, more competent, less costly, driven to improve and easier to work with when compared with the alternative....

Once you have decided to do something about your settle concrete the question becomes…….Should I replace it or raise it? The question generally comes down to cost, if that is the only criteria then raising will be less costly in virtually every case. Other advantages are, raising maintains the consistent look of the surrounding concrete,...

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