Sunken and settling concrete? SlabJack Geotechnical


Should I wait until my concrete has settled all the way? A question we sometimes get. The answer is generally “no” because as slabs settle further, damage will often result. Cracking, pulling away from the building and/or draining water to the foundation.

While no one likes to spend money on concrete repair it’s important to realize it only gets worse from today. More expensive, less athletically pleasing and greater potential for cracks.

Let SlabJack Geotechnical provide a detailed proposal about what’s going on, how we are going to fix it and what it’s going to cost. We are professional, knowledgeable and fair. Call today,


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Innovation by SlabJack Geotechnical concrete raising


Let’s talk innovation. When we started our slab lifting and pressure grouting business we were one of the first doing polyurethane injection SlabJacking in the United States!  We made a commitment to be on the cutting edge in developing the systems we would use to pump the materials and with the material we would use to raise settled concrete.

For 2017 we have raised the bar, truly redefining our industry. Working with our builder and leaders in the spray foam industry we have developed what we see as the finest SlabJack rig in existence. Using the finest components and revolutionary design we now have the ability to bring the equivalent of two separate operations to a job all contained within one rig.

We have also, by partnering with our material supplier, developed two new polymers. A fast set, hydrophobic polymer for raising heavy structures and slabs and a very slow rise polymer for void filling and slab stabilization. Both with very low thermal requirements. This chemistry allows us to be working sooner and with less exotherm and provide far superior coverage under the slab. This means less resettlement, fewer holes, simply put a better job by design. No more using a “happy medium” material, we can now use the exact material needed for a given job.

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Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

Stabilizing concrete before settlement – SlabJack Geotechnical



A huge frustration is knowing there are voids under your concrete but not thinking there is anything you can do about it. In the recent past you were mostly correct however SlabJack Geotechnical is changing all of that.

Until a SlabJack company gets large enough it is not cost-effective to carry more than a general purpose lifting foam or in the case of Mudjacking their material. In the case of polymer Slabjacking the materials have a limited shelf life and must be used within a few months and due to the relative high cost of polymers it is not cost effective for the vast majority of small operations to have a material that most would consider a “limited use” or “specialty” polymer. But SlabJack Geotechnical does! Why?

Three big reasons;

First – A two polymer approach provides for quick lifting of large slabs followed by much better filling of the void created when the slab was raised. The two polymer approach produces a more stable slab with lower resettlement issues and almost no possibility of generating cracks when void filling.

Secondly – Much of the work we do involves stabilizing slabs which have voids under them. Slab stabilization with a lifting polymer is difficult to do without fracturing the slab due to under slab point loading. Lifting polymers are designed to lift vigorously and not spread out more than two or three feet in either direction. Void fill and stabilization polymers are designed to rise very slowly and yet at the same time harden to a ridged high density foam. Due to the very slow rise the material covers incredible distances fully supporting the slab but not exerting huge compressive loads. As a result the slab is well supported without risk of slab fracturing.

Thirdly – We play an active role in designing our SlabJack rigs. We talk to the builders and work to find solutions such as “how can we as a company provide more than one material without the hassles associated with doing so” through these collaborative effort’s we have produced what we believe is the finest SlabJack rig in operation today. We now carry and regularly employ a “two polymer” lift and stabilization.

Finally, preventative slab stabilization can be done with very little risk of slab fracturing. In addition because of the characteristics of the polymer that we use as a stabilizing polymer we need very few 5/8″ inch holes to stabilize large slabs. As few as one hole every 100 ft.²

If you are concerned about your garage floor or your basement floor or your shop or warehouse floor. If you’re concerned about your driveway, your patio or your pool deck give the concrete raising and leveling professionals a call today.


Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.



New state of the art concrete raising rig by SlabJack Geotechnical


We are super excited with our latest rig for raising concrete. A bran new F350 pulling a 30′ gooseneck trailer. We have taken our combined fifteen years in the business and have what we feel will be the finest SlabJack rig in the nation.

Here’s what it packs;

40kw diesel generator to power the entire operation.

PMC’s biggest reactor a PH40 with dual hoses

The really state of the art part of this rig is the ease we can switch between polymers. Every other operation that we are aware of uses one polymer for everything. The result of this is trying to find a “happy” medium of lifting and void filling. The result is many more holes than should be necessary or less than desirable void filling. But our new design changes the game!

We have both polymers on our rig(s) by simply throwing a lever we can quickly and economically raise a large slab and then void fill with a much better polymer for that purpose.

SlabJack Geotechnical, on the cutting edge of SlabJack development. Call today,


Superior polymers, Superior technology, Superior results.

Can a pool be raised? SlabJack Geotechnical can!


Tilting pool deck


Occasionally a pool settles. If it is a gunite or concrete pool the answer is generally yes.

Pools do present some challenges due to weight, suction and plumbing. If a pool has damaged plumbing due to settlement or is damaged by lifting the pool that will need to be addressed after the pool is leveled.

Suction creates additional “load” to be lifted, as does adhesion of soils, slabs around the pool and the weight of sidewalls.

The process of pool raising is essentially the same as any other slab with the addition of a lot of patience and much more material. Occasionally deep injections of polymer, two to five feet below the pool are needed to firm up weak soils. Once these injections have been made or a soil density test has shown sufficient densities of base soils the lift can begin. Depending on the polymer selected injections are made 4′ to 8′ apart and are made in a sequence to reduce point loads to the pool floor. These injections are made until the lift desired is achieved.

The cost to raise a pool is primarily determined by the amount of material needed to do the job but complexity, location and other factors can play a significant role in determining the estimate. There is always the potential for a material surcharge with a pool lift and occasionally theses can be significant. Pool raising starts in the $4000 range and can be significantly over that for larger pools or pools with greater settlement.

Deciding what to do with a settled pool is nerve racking, allowing more time to pass is the worst thing you can do. Stabilizing that pool and getting it back to a level elevation is the most cost-effective thing you can do. As pool settle stress fractures can occur, plumbing and drains can be damaged, heating and lighting systems can be damaged and all of these issues get worse not better over time.

If you have noticed your concrete pool leaning or settling give the concrete raising and leveling professionals a call today.

SlabJack Geotechnical

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.



SlabJack Geotechnical 2016 another record year raising concrete!



We want to thank our customers, suppliers and employees for supporting us in our sixth year of continuous growth. 2016 was a huge success. Over the past six years we have gone from serving a small community to becoming a regional powerhouse in the industry with three locations in Central and Eastern Washington serving those areas and north Idaho.

But we’re not satisfied. This off season our entire staff has attended further training and we have enhanced our website with many more videos, pictures and educational blogs.

We have instituted policies and procedures with the intent to redefine our industry.

We have hired additional staff to more proactively handle customer requests as well as reach out to potential customers in the commercial and municipal arenas.

We have added another rig to our fleet to better serve our large service area. And we have been testing materials to find the absolute best products to raise and support your settled concrete.

You can be sure of one thing with 1855slabjack; we will not be outworked. We are driven to be the best SlabJack contractor in the markets we serve. Our tag line speaks truth.

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

Spokane and Coeur d’alene concrete raising 1855slabjack 855-752-2522



We are very excited to open this spring in Spokane. We have made some refinements to our operation to better serve our customers.

One of the biggest complaints we have dealing with contractors is the huge reliance most of them have on answering services or voicemails. Last year we made the commitment to have a full time office staff to take calls and schedule estimates and jobs. It was a huge improvement. This year we hired a second “appointment center” staff member to help further our commitment to redefining our industry. It has already improved our responsiveness to our customers requests.

Our hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. We are closed weekends and we close for outdoor work in the winter though we still do interior work as needed.

Another of our off season improvements is the addition of a third rig, this one exclusively for the Tri-Cities market. In the past when it got especially busy we had to pull a rig from their assigned territory to help in Tri-Cities. Having a dedicated rig stationed there will make us that much more responsive to each location.

Our biggest improvement is in the estimating side of the operation. Production will now estimate all jobs. As a result for the vast majority of jobs we will provide proposals not estimates. In other words our customers will not have to worry about any overage charges. The single biggest complaint was over surcharges. With the changes we have made won’t even be a possibility for 90%+ of our estimates.

More responsive, less “guesstimating” that is redefining our industry.

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

SlabJack Geotechnical

Settling slab in a pole building? SlabJack Geotechnical


Pole buildings present some unique challenges because they are not built on a traditional foundation as most structures are in freeze/thaw climates. In addition it is uncommon for builders to specify reinforcement such as rebar or welded wire mesh. As a result cracking and settling are common.

There are many things that should be taken into consideration PRIOR to building a pole building that will greatly minimize problems with the concrete portion of the structure, but that’s for another post. For now let’s consider what to do when things start to go wrong.

1) It won’t ever be less costly to fix the problem, so if you can….fix it now before greater problems rear their ugly heads.

2) There are several options for slabs going bad; replacement, raising and top coating. Let’s discuss these three.

Replacement – best option if the settling is severe, the slab has several fractures or if there are serious underlying issues with the base soil. Advantages; new appearance, can re compact the base, can add rebar and/or wire mesh. Disadvantages; have to empty out building, disruptive, takes time to tear out old slab, frame and pour then cure time up to four weeks, most costly by far.

Raising – methods include Mudjacking, polymer injection and pressure grouting. Each method has advantages and disadvantages however having used the first two methods and seen the aftermath of the third we have focused our contracting business on polymer injection exclusively since 2011. Advantages; less costly, less invasive, ready for immediate use, depending on the extent we can even underseal and insulate your floor! In addition slab raising is a proven method which has been in existence since the 1930’s if the underlying soil is stable the repair should be permanent.

Top coating – pouring additional concrete over the slab to “fill in” lower/settled sections. Advantages; new appearance. Disadvantages; additional weight will exacerbate settling problems, cracks right where under slab has cracked, can be costly, temporary fix.

If you find yourself dealing with the pole building going bad give the concrete raising and leveling professionals call today.

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.


How much does it cost to raise settled concrete?


One of the most common questions that is asked about raising concrete is how much will it cost?

Unlike concrete replacement where a square foot calculation is typically used, concrete raising has other concerns. Issues such as; are there voids under the slab and if so how extensive? How thick is the slab? How far has it settled? What is the desired outcome?

Once we have a handle on exactly what is going on we can provide an accurate estimate. One of the most frustrating things for customers is dealing with “estimates” verses “proposals” we have taken that frustration off the table for the vast majority of our clients by doing away with overage charges on all but step up slabs and void filling.

What this means to our customers is that when we give you an estimate to raise your driveway for your patio or your sidewalk for your pool deck your estimate is a proposal and will not incur a surcharge for additional material.

You can count on SlabJack Geotechnical. We are the premiere SlabJack contractor in Washington and northern Idaho, doing more jobs in a month than Some of our competitors do in a year. Our estimators are thoroughly familiar with this process and have themselves worked in production for a minimum of one year so you are not going to have a novice looking at your project.

Give us a call today and let the concrete raising and leveling professionals get you taken care of.

Superior technology, superior polymers, superior results.

SlabJack Geotechnical is growing to serve you better.



If you are dealing with settled concrete rest easy we have you covered better than ever in Spokane, Tri-Cities, Wenatchee, Yakima and now Puget Sound.

Last year we added a full time rig in the Spokane/Coeur d’alene market and for 2017 we are announcing that Tri-Cities WA. will now have a full time rig too.

In addition to the additional rig we have added additional support personnel. One of the biggest  complaints most people have with contractors is you can never get ahold of them, it drives me nuts! it’s as if they are afraid of success.

SlabJack Geotechnical is a different kind of company. We are redefining what hiring a contractor should feel like.

From the initial contact, to the estimate to the completion of the job and warranty follow up a year later. Our aim is to impress upon you the customer your pre-eminent position in our company. Our goal is total customer satisfaction.

So what is different about dealing with SlabJack Geotechnical?

-When you call you will speak to a real person, not an answering service or a machine, we staff our appointment center Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00.

-We schedule in person proposals, not “estimates” (in most causes) so you don’t have to worry about overage charges or “what if’s” Other companies make you pay for their mis-calculations, not us.

-Our production leaders have literally raised thousands of concrete slabs from settled driveways, to sunken patios, porches and pool decks to sidewalks, shops and stoops. Nobody comes close to our experience when it comes to Geo-polymer Slabjacking, nobody!

-Our estimators are also experienced at raising slabs so they know what can be done, how it should be done and what to be concerned about. This additional experience is invaluable for accurately estimating your job and why in the vast majority of cases we present proposals not estimates so you know exactly what’s going on with your slab, exactly how we are going to fit it, and exactly how much it’s going to cost.

-Our company proactively reaches out to insure our clients are satisfied a full year after doing their job via-Email and if any settling has taken place an appointment is set to correct the issue. When was the last time a contractor did that for you?

If you just don’t want to deal with another contractor who doesn’t return calls, call a professional, SlabJack Geotechnical, we are redefining our industry.

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.